Real Estate Websites

We offer custom real estate websites with full MLS functionality. With over half a million real estate agents and brokers around the country, it’s important to have a website that puts you ahead of the pack.

Ann Mckillop - Real Estate Website
Arris Realty - Real Estate Website
NH Real Estate Experts Company Website

Our real estate websites will give you a significant advantage over the average real estate agent. Your website will come with some serious SEO power. Every listing results page and detail page on your website will be optimized to be indexed by Google and other search engines. This will give your website potentially thousands of pages that can rank in searches!

Your Real Estate Website Will Come With…

Custom Website Design
Build a strong image

Your website will be custom designed based on your wants, branding needs, and target audience. There’s no better way to show who you are and separate yourself from the pack! We offer unlimited revisions to your design before development.

100% Mobile Responsive
Look your best on every device

Your website will be 100% mobile responsive (aka mobile friendly, or mobile optimized). Content inside your website will change size and layout to look perfect on any screen size from desktop to mobile. Not only will this give you a boost in search engines, but it will help you capture leads that bounce off of the older, non-mobile friendly websites. More than half of all searches are now done on mobile devices.

Full MLS Functionality
Your website, your listings

We will integrate your website with your local MLS provider, bringing you full MLS listings and search functionality. All of the MLS pages will be part of your website – users will never be sent off-site. This MLS search functionality also comes with…

  • Map Search
  • Open House Search
  • Advanced Search
Property Organizer
Powerful customer retention

Your users will be able to log in to their own personal accounts right on your website. From there they can manage their saved searches and properties, making your website very interactive. And you will be able to see all of their activity in your Control Panel (see Control Panel section).

The Property Organizer is a fantastic tool for visitor retention. This tool is designed to turn viewers into leads, and leads into customers.

Automatic Email Alerts
Automatic email alerts.

Your visitors will be able to enter their search preferences, and then they will automatically start to receive listings via email. These email alerts link visitors straight to the listings on your website. This all happens on its own – you do not have to lift a finger!

This is another powerful lead capturing tool. It will keep serious buyers engaged with your website. You will be able to see all of this activity from your Control Panel (see Control Panel section).

Valuation / CMA Request Form
Capture your sellers!

Your website will come with a detailed Valuation / CMA Request form, giving you the information you need to assess the value of the seller’s home. This is yet another highly effective lead capturing tool. All valuation / CMA requests are captured in your Control Panel (see Control Panel section)

Control Panel
All your leads’ activity in one place

The Control Panel is where you can see all of your leads and their activity. All of the information from the Property Organizer, Email Alerts, and Valuation / CMA Request form, as well as your site’s general search activity is recorded here in a user friendly, easy-to-read format. You will be able to see what your buyers are searching, the properties they’ve saved, and the email alerts they’ve signed up for, as well as what your sellers are looking to sell. You will have all your leads’ names and contact information, allowing you to have a targeted, intelligent conversation.

Increase your conversion rate

Every detail page will present the visitor with 3 options right at the top of each listing. (1) Schedule a Showing, (2) Save the Property (to their Property Organizer), and (3) Request more Information. These extra calls-to-action entice the user to contact you with every property view.

Content Pages
Tell your story

We will create as many content pages as you’d like, giving your users lots of useful information. Examples of content pages are: About Me, For Buyers, For Sellers, Testimonials, Resources, Neighborhood Information, and whatever else you’d like!

Nothing wrong with extra traffic.

Your real estate website will come with full blogging functionality, allowing you to post useful information while simultaneously generating extra SEO value for your site. Some of our clients generate thousands of extra visits per month with their blog alone! You will have the ability to create categories (e.g. Buyers, Sellers, Investors, etc) and tags, moderate comments, and even create additional authors.

Did We Mention SEO Power?
Google will love you

This bears repeating. Your website will have potentially thousands of pages poised to rank in search engine results pages!

Your real estate website will come with the latest and greatest in lead capturing, buyer & seller tools, and built-in SEO. When we build a website for you, you’ll come out ahead of the pack. We can even manage it for you afterward.