How to Calculate Your Super Smash Brothers Level

Article by Mike Medrek, President Okay, so this post has little to do with our usual “web tips” topics, but it’s useful nonetheless. To me, Super Smash Brothers is the perfect game to test your video game skill and reflexes against your friends. But what about against a computer player? Computer players can be set… Read More »

How to Block Facebook Game Requests

Are you one of the millions of people afflicted by constant Facebook game requests? Follow these simple instructions to regain your sanity. In no time, you’ll be wanting more Facebook game invites just so you can block them! 1) Click the padlock icon At the top of your logged-in Facebook account.

How to Float Text around an Irregular Image

The big question is how do you float text around an irregularly shaped image? Technically, the question should be “how to float an image irregularly around text”, since it’s the image that floats. There are ways to do this with more complex coding like PHP, but we’ve come up with an a way to float… Read More »

How to Keep Your Website Healthy

By Karl Lewins – original article from If your website is in ill health, or if your online presence is fading fast, a “health check” might be just what you need to revive your site. Regular health checks are essential to maintain our well-being and help us stay fit, active, and, dare I say… Read More »

Free Websites

Free websites… are they real? How do you get a free website? If you’re one of the many people wondering how to get a free website then you’ve come to the right place. What Do I Need to Know about Free Websites? Before we tell you how to get one, there are a few things… Read More »