I think you know that I have a partner – DSD Media – who gives us a lot of jobs. DSD and I are coming up with a way to get even more jobs. DSD runs a networking group for real estate agents and investors called NE REIA (New England Real Estate Investors Association). I convinced them to start selling real estate websites there! So now we need to redesign the NE REIA website to impress their members so that we can get more website jobs : )

Company: New England REIA

Description: This is a networking group for real estate agents and investors.

Current website:

Colors: Same colors

Past Topics
Media Library
REIA Connect
About Us
Chapter History
Contact Us
Custom Websites

Home page: See attached “layout.jpg” – we just need to redesign this and make it look good.

Inner page
Sidebar – content area
Content section – H1 style, H2 style

Green light! Let me know your questions and quote.

Is this the only e-mail that misses my respond?
Yes I think it is

To much items in the navigation bar bud… Can we separate it in 2 navigations, like One main, and second one above current one (with smaller font size, and less accent on it) – Does this make sense?
Yes that sounds good

We could use current sections, and make them more nice looking (colors, arrange, fonts, etc.) – What do u think?
Yes, we basically have to make their layout.jpg look better

Upcoming topics – Which is most important thing here, the date / thumb / or heading ? I was wondering if I make date more visible.. Hm?
Probably the date and heading

Watch video – Should I use this image (iMac screen) – or I can play with my creativity on this section?
Use your creativity. This layout.jpg is just for the layout – you are the master of design : )

Vendors: Should I use whole information about every one, or I can grab them logos and place them on one row (Nice and clean);
Just the logos in one row

Please tell me that u have this logo on PNG or Vector! 🙂
This is the only one I have –
But DSD said we can make it look nicer if we want to!